11 Days: “ From the Masai’s origins to Hadzabe’s harrows”

Manyara Lake – Natron Lake – Oldoynio Lengay Volcano – Serengeti – Ngorongoro – Eyasi Lake
Full board with picnic lunch
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The longest route for those who love nature and the cultural anthropological world.

1° Day: Zanzibar
Arrival at Zanzibar.
At the Zanzibar airport our staff will welcome you and we will take you to the structure where you will stay in Stone Town, the capital city of Zanzibar.
You will have a free day to visit the city.
2° Day: Manyara Lake
Transfer at the airport, check-in and flight to Arusha.
Arrived at the Kilimanjaro Airport or Arusha Airport, you will meet the Director of Zanzibarviaggi in Arusha who will introduce you our guide and driver and will give you our kindest welcome. The next direction is Lake Manyara Park, that is famous because there you can see the lions who climb up the trees to observe their next victims. We will have a pic-nic lunch during the way and there will be a stopover on the lakeside of the Manyara Lake that gives the name to the park. We will see hundreds of different kind of aquatic birds, pink flamingos that spend the most time of the year here and one of the most populous community of baboons in all Africa.
We will back in the lodge for the dinner.
3° Day: Natron Lake – Masai Community
After breakfast we will leave to the northern river of the Natron Lake passing through a lot of Masai villages and meeting a lot of grass-eating like buffalos, gazelles, zebras. The day will be dedicated to the knowledge of the Masai culture that is based on breeding. Arrival for lunch to the lodge, settled in a wonderful place. After lunch and some relax we will go to Natron Lake to admire the sunset and hundreds of pink flamingos. On the background of the lake there is the holy mountain for Masai: Oldoynio Lengay a volcano still active. The Masai considers this place the home of their divinity and here they will do their ceremonies. From the top of the mountain you will be in ecstasy looking the Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti Park while at the inner of the volcano the lava boils.
For who is early-rising is possible to wake up at 1 am and go trekking on the volcano. The last eruption was in April 2008 and today it has been opened again to the visitors. Obviously is still possible another eruption.
4° Day: Oldoynio Lengay Volcano Trekking or Excursion between lakes and falls.
For who prefers the excursion there will be, after the breakfast, a tour by jeep or a walk in the area next to the lodge where we will see flora, rivers and falls and having a bath if we want.
We will be back for the sunset and we will meet the adventurous people who will have decided to go trekking on the volcano.
5° Day: North Serengeti
After breakfast, in the morning we will leave to the plain of Serengeti going trough the north entrance. We will have a full photographic safari day where we will meet every kind of animals typical of the African Savana in a wonderful land where the glance gets lost into infinite.
Pic-nic and arrival before the nightfall to the lodge in North Serengeti that is a crossroads of millions of grass-eating that every years cross all the plain to go the Masai –Mara Park in Kenya.
6° Day: West Centre Serengeti
After breakfast we will leave for a photographical safari inside Serengeti where we can observe the animal behaviour until the sunset when we will be back to the lodge in the west centre of the park.
7° Day: Serengeti – Ngorongoro
We will start early our morning and after breakfast we will have a photographical safari in the middle of Serengeti park in direction to the Ngorongoro Crater that is a volcanic crater where inside there is an Eden unique in the world that gives hospitality to a different kind of African habitat of flora and fauna. Somebody compares it with a natural Noah's Ark.
We will be back to the lodge for dinner and overnight stay.
8° Day: Ngorongoro
After breakfast we will go down the crater and we will spend all the day doing a photographical safari. During the afternoon we will return to the lodge and we will have dinner in Karatu outside Ngorongoro.
9° Day: Eyasi Lake and Hadzabe Community
After breakfast our new destination will be the Eyasi Lake, to the West of Arusha. We will spend a wonderful day walking around the lake having a photographic safari that gives you the chance to see all the different kinds of birds and the typical flora. You will meet the characteristic nomadic peoples Bushmans: the Hadzabe. The Hadzabe is a community of hunting people who will show you their techniques of hunting and their knowledge of the roots and the officinal plants.
During the afternoon we will return to the lodge and we will have dinner in Karatu outside Ngorongoro.
10° Day: Hadzabe Community - Tarangire
In the morning, after breakfast, we will meet better the Hadzabe tribe. They will display us some aspects of their culture as, for example, the dances that are an essential element of their feasts. We will have lunch during the trip to the Tarangire Park that is famous because it gives hospitality to the big community of elephants in all Africa. The evocative power of the Tarangire Park is exclusive: the secular baobabs and the water that attract here hundreds of animals make this area one of the most beautiful places of North Tanzania.
11° Day: Tarangire.
The alarm clock will ring early in the morning to allow you to join another photographic safari on the road to the exit of the Park. We will have a pic-nic going to the airport where you will take the flight that bring you to Zanzibar.


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