Kilimanjaro Trekking - The Marangu Route

Full board with picnic lunch
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For those who love to test their own adventurous spirit!

This is the most popular route up Kilimanjaro sometimes known as the coca cola route, the nights are spend in comfortable Hut which offers comfort ability and spirit of adventures. Bathrooms are available with running water. All your mountain gears and meals are pottered and a professional mountain cook prepares all your meals. It is possible to do the Marangu route in 5 days, thereby getting to the summit a day earlier than on the Machame route. This is not always the best way because of shorter acclimatization period. The Marangu route does however offer you the option of spending an extra acclimatization day on the mountain. This extends the route to a 6-day trek, which greatly increasing your chances of success.
Kilimanjaro trek - Marangu route or Coca cola route itinerary.
DAY 1:
Transfer to Marangu Gate (6000 ft) – Mandara Hut (9,000 ft)
Hiking time: 4 hours Habitat: Montane forest
Leave Arusha town about 0830hrs and drive for about TWO HRS to Marangu
Gate on the eastern edge of Kilimanjaro. Do a minor paperwork at the National park gate. Beginning hiking at about 1100hrs. Hike through Montane forest from the park gate (6000 ft) to Mandara Hut (9000 ft), taking about 4 hours with pick nick lunch at half way. Reach Mandara Huts at about 2 PM. Relax at the hut have some tea or coffee or other sort of the best things from your mountain Cook. Have Dinner during early evening, about 7 PM.
DAY 2:
Mandara Hut (9,000 ft) – Horombo Huts (12,000 ft)
Hiking time: 6 hours Habitat: Heath land
After breakfast (approx. 8:00am) pack for the next leg. Break camp and start hike to Horombo Huts (12,000 ft). This hike should take 5 to 6 hrs. You hike through lower heath land dominated by small shrubs. Stop half way for lunch. The view of Mawenzi is spectacular and amazing at this point. The summit of Kibo is seen from Horombo Huts. Arrival Horombo Huts about 3 PM.Unpack and prepare for dinner.
Day 3:
Horombo hut acclimatization day
Horombo hut is a village of huts perched on a small plateau, with buildings similar to Mandara, Normally bustling with hikers, guides, porters and with an atmosphere of adventure and excitement. You will meet both ascending and descending hikers here. This extra day and night at Horombo is for additional acclimatization. A hike towards the Mawenzi hut, passing the Zebra Rocks on the way (about 3 hours up and 1,5 hours down), is strongly recommended. This hike will further assist with the process of acclimatization. Remember to drink enough water and move slowly! All meals for the day are provided at the hut. Retire to bed early and get a last good night's rest
DAY 4:
Horombo Huts (12,000 ft) – Kibo Huts (15,500 ft)
Hiking time: 7 hours Habitat: Alpine Desert
Wake up and get breakfast as normally (advised to wakeup before the sun so to take great photos of the sunrise).Begin the hike to Kibo Huts (15,500 ft). The first half of the day's hike traverses the Upper heath land while the second half crosses the vast saddle which is and Alpine desert resemble the Lunnar landscape this Connects Mawenzi and Kibo. Here is where the altitude sickness starts Be careful to notice signs of altitude sickness. The hike will take 6 to 7 hours lunch is half way.
DAY 5:
SUMMIT DAY (19,340 ft)
Hiking time: 7 hours Habitat: Alpine Desert
After dinner relax and Wake up at around midnight for a light breakfast, and then prepare for the summit ascent. This part of the hike is done in such early morning before dawn so the hiker can reach Uhuru  peak at the sunrise. Leave at about 1:00am and reach Gilman's Point on top of the Kilimanjaro crater rim at about 7:00am.Here the climb get to see the view of the crater and glacier while heading to Uhuru peak arriving there one and half hours later. Another 2 hours of hiking brings the climber back to Kibo hut for Branch and proceed to the Horombo hut for dinner and overnight.
DAY 6:
Descending from Horombo to the Marangu Gate
Breakfast as usual, pack and descend to Mandara Huts for lunch then proceed to the park gate where you will be met by our driver transfer back to Arusha town at the hotel for resting and overnight. Your will arrive back to Arusha at the hotel approximately about 4pm.  

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