Villa Dida


Villa Dida is an Eco Resort Boutique, situated on the Pwani – Mchangani beach, an old African fisherman village.
In front of the beach there is the Mnemba Atoll that is still uncontaminated. The Atoll is one of the most beautiful sea park in all Tanzania and it’s the favorite destination of scuba divers.
Villa Dida has been made thinking about the beauty and the preservation of the place and for this reason are used only local resources.
The concept of bio architecture is here realized privileging the old Swahili method of construction and decoration: lime-stone and ground paint from India and Center Africa. It’s also used for the construction a Swahili bracing typical of the Stone-Town houses of the past that consists in wood beams with iron in some bearing walls.
Built with natural materials and without paint and furnished with energetic autonomy , Villa Dida offers high level comfort for small number of guests who can live an experience of relax being in harmony with the ambient and enjoying a personalized service.
Villa Dida is a resort who has decided to invest on service, cuisine and location for customers who run away from the mass tourist village.
We only have 9 rooms: 4 deluxe and 5 suites.
The restaurant, a palafitta on the beach, follows a km 0 politic: the 90 % of the fresh products are bought within a radius of one kilometer. That politic helps the local economy.
In our restaurant you will have a menu with a choice of 2 appetizers, 2 first courses, 2 second courses and dessert with typical Italian dishes, Indian and Zanzibarian cuisine. Home-made ravioli with lobster, gnocchi with crayfish and zucchini, zanzibarian octopus stew, raw tuna, chocolate noodles and more…
We can lay the table wherever you prefer and you can ask for a car with personal driver or demand for excursion with a maximum of 5/6 people with you. You can have typical massage with traditional oils in an African hut on the beach or walk on white uncontaminated sand, far away from the noises of the mass tourist villages.
Our choice to have only 9 rooms is born from the will to take care about our guests who when arrive are customers but when they live have become friends.
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